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Abe trousers

On a Wednesday morning, we went to Musa's studio who is also know as Apreel Geek, located in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria, to have a brief conversation with him about his artworks and his journey so far as a visual artist.


Give a brief introduction about yourself and your journey into being a visual artist?

My name is Musa Ganiyy. I am a visual artist from Lagos Nigeria, a Visual Art graduate from University of Lagos, Nigeria and also a photography degree holder from Yabatech.

My journey into art/painting has always been from childhood; been drawing since I was a kid, watching cartoons and reading comic books, all these are integral in my journey to being the artist I am today.

For me to describe my art, even if there’s a bunch of figurative representation in my paintings, I would still call it Abstract Expressionism because there’s a lot of layering elements to the works and by the time I complete a painting it's one hand figurative and another hand abstract.


What is your typical day like?

When I wake up, I usually go to mosque to pray. Then I get back home come to do little exercises and brew coffee. After all that is done, I start the day in front of my workstation.



What inspires your type of art? And how do you want people who sees your art to feel?

Nostalgia plays a huge part in my works and most times I am trying to tell a story hence the works are sort of a visual diary.

I just want people to find their own meaning with the works, it comes off as playful, colorful, and childish but it surely goes deeper than that.



How do you see your art contribute to the promotion of African culture?

The use of colors, patterns/motifs mostly known to this continent, and compositions does reflect my environment and in this I believe my contribution exists


What do you want your art to be remembered for?

My use of materials, compositions, colors and most importantly, Textures



What do you do asides from visual arts? Do you have other talents?

I love cooking, I think I’m pretty good at it, my girlfriend can definitely attest to that.  


So, what did you cook last?

Made pancakes for breakfast this morning


What are you reading at present and would you recommend it?

Currently not reading anything, been working on a painting project so that has all my focus for now




When last did you feel free as a creative?

Everyday, when it comes to working I mean when it comes to painting or doing something that relates to my practice, but free as a human being, I would just say that was in June when I was in Ivory Coast for a residency with Dida gallery.
It was just a moment in time I'd definitely treasure for a while till the next freeing moment comes again.


There is a saying that if you haven't experienced failure you are not trying hard enough. What's been your biggest failure and what did it teach you?

Ahhh, biggest failure? I don't think there's been any yet though I've faced some challenges really and these challenges become experiences that I tend to learn from. I'm still learning really and I'm not an island, whenever I face a difficulty with life or work, I talk to my mother and friends who are my support system.


What is next for you, in terms of project and collaborations?

Collaborating with my very good friend, Joseph Obanubi, he’s editing a film I shot for a multi-dimensional body of work I’m getting on, it would be paintings, film and an Installation.




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