Table Talk | Introducing A Different Culture | With Deji Haastrup, Creative Director of A Different Design

Table Talk | Introducing A Different Culture | With Deji Haastrup, Creative Director of A Different Design

By Aga Guest

Table Talk | Introducing A Different Culture | With Deji Haastrup, Creative Director of A Different Design

We caught up with A Different Design Creative Director, Deji Haastrup to hear his thoughts on his idea of creating a safe space for creatives.

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Temi: Kindly introduce yourself? Tell us a bit about your background? 

Deji: Hi there, my name’s Deji Haastrup. I run a Creative Agency called A Different Design (ADD) where we focus on producing content, consulting and producing experiences to help fashion brands better connect with their target audience. Additionally I manage talent within the Fashion industry. Whether it’s models, influencers or other types of creatives. I help them see through projects aimed at helping fashion brands engage their target audience as well. 

In the past I’ve been fortunate to work as a Project and Community Manager at a Fashion Hub, as well as a Business Manager at a premium fashion brand here in Nigeria. You can say my experiences within the industry have driven me to the point where I am. Everyday I see amazing brands, but unfortunately these brands aren’t able to communicate effectively or generate the revenue they need to remain sustainable. I’d like to say ADD and PRISM; the talent agency are doing something to tackle this challenge. 


Temi: Please tell us about the birth of A different Culture. What need was identified for its introduction? 

Deji: Since my days of working at the Fashion Hub, I’ve noticed that all formal gatherings of fashion professionals are either through Masterclasses or Workshops. As an introvert I find it challenging to make the best connections in these places, as the goal is usually to get the most out of the program or invited guest rather than your peers. In essence I’d feel like I’m taking away valuable time from someone, trying to tell them how we could work together, after all they presumably didn’t come for me.  After working on teams that put together these programs I discovered that for one reason or the other other professionals and entrepreneurs within the space felt the same way I did. Now that I’m running my own operation and  have the opportunity to partner with an organization that appreciates what the agency does , I thought it was a good  time to propose this opportunity and see what could be made of it.  



Temi: What prompted you to think that Aga Culture was the best fit for this partnership?

Deji: I was fortunate to have a prior working relationship with the Aga team. I knew from time that Aga was an open minded organization , as well as exciting , but also positioned as a creative nexus. Aga isn’t only about fashion, they’re about design, they’re about furniture, they’re about culture, they’re about community. All these things aligned with the agency’s values.It was really a no brainer. Asides from aligning, these are areas the agency is still keen on leaning on going into the future.  


 Temi: What should people that are interested in the event expect from the event?

Deji: If you’re a Fashion head, Fashion Professional, Visual Artist , Designer you need to be at A Different Culture. Outside the amazing documentaries we’ll be watching you can look forward to connecting with prospective partners or clients that could go a long way in pushing you in the right direction for your business. If you’ve ever wanted a relaxed environment to learn more about the business or share your challenges and get possible solutions as you navigate the this turbulent industry th is definitely the place you want to be on the 10th of July, 2022. 



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