Our Story

Aga is primarily influenced by the Yorùbá Culture as our name is derived from Yoruba. Àga means a functional object or furniture piece. Thus, our first cultural interaction is with the Yoruba culture and Africa as a whole.

Aga was founded in 2017 by Moyo Ogunseinde who was born in the sleepy town of Ibadan in a moving car on the way to the hospital. Growing up in Ibadan affected her profoundly as the environment was full of lively market places, red sands, brown roofs, vibrant celebrations and the general cultural energy.

At Aga, we are inspired to tell African Stories, past and present through things we design and make. Africa has a rich, diverse culture and it inspires us to design and make objects, art and accessories that fuse our age-old traditions with a modern aesthetic.

Initially, our brand conveys Yoruba values and other over 3000 African cultures as we live up to its ideals. We draw inspiration from this rich African heritage, reinterpret and divert interesting existing articles and pieces into modern objects.

Our approach to design is summed up in a new African Minimalism that celebrates the rawness of textures, simplicity of the forms, and beauty that evoke emotions and a deeper connection to our culture yet it is simple in its execution.

Each piece we design has a story, object or accessory as makers we preserve crafts and culture.

Our collections reflect a sense of ease and a slower, more thoughtful and modern way of life in Africa with inspiration from our culture and tradition.

We are Aga Culture.