Welcome to the Agazine | É Kaabò

Welcome to the Agazine | É Kaabò

By Temitope Babaoye

Welcome to the Agazine | É Kaabò
É Kaabo | Welcome

We welcome you to Agazine!

Agazine is the digital blog by Aga Concept. Every week on the Agazine, we aim to bring you into the world of Aga through art, culture, food, travel, books and the stories of people that inspire us, warm our hearts, captivate our eyes and jolt our minds. 

It all began in 2017 with our co-founder, Moyo Ogunseinde’s desire to highlight African culture, people, places, stories and tradition through exciting products that connect the past to the present.

Her connection to her roots started in the lovely town of Ibadan where she was born in a fast moving car on the way to the hospital!

So here we are many years later at Aga Concept, a team of dreamers, thinkers and creatives who create special objects inspired by not only the lovely town of Ibadan but other African cites, places, ideas and objects.

We create functional and inspirational items that will make life easier, more pleasant while being immersed in African Culture & Stories.

We look forward to having you on this exciting journey.

Bye for Now | ó däàbò!!


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