Together Design Exhibition

Together Design Exhibition

By Aga Team

Together Design Exhibition

Together Design is a group of exhibition of five designers who are rooted within the Nigerian context and who place 'togetherness' as a part of their creative practices. 'Togetherness' because the design pieces exhibited here all from a collaborative work, especially between designers and the artisans.

Moyo Ogunseinde, a designer and the creative director of Aga Culture, a lifestyle and design brand that designs and makes clothing, furniture and homeware accessories that fuse African traditions and stories with a modern aesthetic. With her team, she draws inspiration from the rich African heritage, reinterprets and diverts interesting existing articles and pieces into modern objects. In the Together Design exhibition, Moyo curated "Acts of Kindness" for the exhibition.

Acts of Kindness  is an evolving exploration of stories, form and shape in furniture, clothing and objects by Aga culture. In staying true to the values of Aga culture- Ife/love; Inurere/Kindness, Alaafia/Good health, we explored the inert culture of repurposing clothing as a way of life of African culture. In Yoruba culture, the Mother’s wrapper - iro becomes one’s cover cloth - aso-Ibora, A head tie - gele becomes one's ipele -shawl, the Left over cloth of a Mother’s outfit was enough to make for a full child’s outfit. These are in every respect acts of love and kindness.

As we reflected upon the Aga values, we playfully repurposed, bundled, stitched together Aada hand dyed Adire off-cuts with other bundles sourced from nearby Lagos Island as we embodied a possible solution to consumerism with our hand-crafting Contemporary home pieces. The home pieces are arranged in an environment/mise en scene to express the possibilities of love, care and new-value.

This exhibition highlights a greater story of the influx of Western secondhand clothing as well as the excess clothing remnants from fast fashion. This evolving assemblage unfolds as both an ode to heritage and a response to global dynamics, encapsulating love, care, and new values within its curated expressions.


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