Lagos X Paris Accelerator Partnership

Lagos X Paris Accelerator Partnership

By Aga Team

Lagos X Paris Accelerator Partnership

Nigerian designers have been making an impact, not only on their home turf but also on the global stage. Their creations have become a powerful force in shaping culture, fostering sustainability, and contributing significantly to both the nation's economy and cultural evolution. Through their innovative designs, deeply rooted in tribal society and customs, these designers have carved out a unique niche for themselves. Yet, their potential remains largely untapped on the international front.


Recognizing this, a new and exciting initiative has emerged, one that promises to bridge the gap and propel these exceptional designers onto the world stage. The French Embassy in Nigeria, in collaboration with The French Institute in Nigeria and Création Africa, is proud to introduce the "Lagos x Paris – Fashion & Design Accelerator." This groundbreaking program is set to support and nurture high-potential entrepreneurs in the Nigerian and French fashion and design industry.


The Lagos x Paris – Fashion & Design Accelerator is no ordinary venture; it's a 9-month journey that kicks off in October 2023 and culminates in June 2024. A rigorous selection process whittled down 120 hopeful brands to just 10, showcasing the cream of the crop from both Nigeria and France. Among these, six are dedicated to fashion, two to design, and two to accessories.


1. Lagos Space Programme

2. TJWHO Design





6. WAF – Wafflesandcream Limited



8. Ethnic Africa


9. Aga Design and Culture Limited

10. OMI Collective


The accelerator program is designed to empower these chosen brands with a strong emphasis on enhancing their business acumen. It offers tailored, one-on-one courses spanning a wide array of subjects, equipping them with practical tools and know-how. Monthly mentorship sessions, guided by industry experts from France, Nigeria, and other African nations, will provide invaluable guidance.

Creativity will be nurtured to its fullest potential, with Master Classes on branding, exporting, and preparing projects for international markets, festivals, and shows. Direct and indirect grants, along with an investment readiness module featuring pitching sessions to potential investors, will set the stage for exponential growth.

But the impact of the Lagos x Paris – Fashion & Design Accelerator extends beyond the brands themselves. Several events open to the general public will serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, showcasing the rich tapestry of Nigerian creativity. This initiative promises not just to elevate individual designers but also to foster a vibrant ecosystem that propels Nigerian fashion and design to unprecedented heights



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