Fashion in Zanzibar; what to expect, the do's and the don'ts

Fashion in Zanzibar; what to expect, the do's and the don'ts

By Tomilondon .

Fashion in Zanzibar; what to expect, the do's and the don'ts

To start with, did you know Zanzibar and Tanzania has two different governing bodies ruling the affair of the republic?



Hello everyone My name is Tomi London. I’m a fashion blogger by day and a Travel Professional by night. And Oh yes, Zanzibar and Tanzania are completely different with each, with their own flag. I visited Zanzibar in November 2022 solo and I can tell you for sure, nothing, absolutely nothing! Prepared me for all i encountered, experienced and learned.

However, It’s safe to say, the High rate of growth in the Fashion industry in 2022, in Africa, to be precise, has been a huge highlight of the year.Africans are now gaining more grounds than ever on their locally made textiles and Made In African apparels, in the global supply chain.

As a travel agent, I love to explore various possibilities of how many things can be done within a short period of time in a particular country. I landed in Tanzania’s 🇹🇿capital city , Dar Es Salaam to experience what can be done in 24 hours. I visited the National Museum (video on my IG : @tomilondon_ ), it was an eye opening experience. I mean things that makes us learned outside the school education is traveling. Learning about history, culture, food, people and the list goes on, just in a blink. Then all would be Left to you and me to use your imagination, for the visuals.


However to my greatest surprise, Zanzibar being a Muslim Republic with very recent high volumes of recent European Tourists and European immigrants, Zanzibaris are very strong in preserving their moral values with their mode of dressing.Do go with a scarf or two to Stonetown, they will always come in handy. But on a lighter note, do not wear revealing clothes nor swim-wears outside your hotel or resort.


My personal recommendation from The Àga Culture would be;

  1. The Owen skirt paired with Erinma Top
  2. Sesi Jumpsuit
  3. Doyin dress
  4. Fadé Dress.


You can shop these and more on  Thank you for reading. Hope to have you read a Travel post again in the future from me!




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