Igbako | Scoop

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‘Igbako’ is the Yoruba word which means ‘scoop’ or ‘to scoop’. This traditional item is unique to African homes and is used to dish out starchy foods. Our scoop serves the same purpose but we designed it to be wider and longer to scoop out finer grains and powdered foods.

Dimensions: 270 x 10 mm

Material: Abura wood

Care: Wash and completely dry before storing away in a cool dry place.

All products are made to order with a 2-3 week lead time, after payment confirmation.
The Aga team is dedicated to producing quality products and this takes time. However, we will keep you updated as the production progresses.

Item No: RU01SCP

Product Disclaimer: This product is meticulously handmade by master artisans one piece at a time. It is therefore quite difficult, if not impossible, to make identical items. Any natural blemishes or irregularities should not be misconstrued as flaws. These are what make each handmade piece unique.